Anjana Misra, The Brand Anjana Misra company is a mix of elegance, eccentricity and embellishments. It is unique in the fashionlandscape, a romantic blend of craftsmanship, innovation and skilled ateliers that create a brand that ispowerful in its own uniqueness. With strong Indian and European roots, couture sensibilities and a teambased in Delhi creates a magical vision of diversity in fashion with the refined techniques gleaned fromthe couture salon. The embellishments and detailing in the garments hold an aesthetic value which helps one grow a senseof confidence and elegance. The brand aims at bringing a fresh vibe to the industry and to establish itselfas a luxurious and innovative label. This is the brand for the romantics, the elegant and the fashion connoisseur.

Anjana Misra , The Designer Born 1970, in the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Anjana Misra did her education from the University of Kanpur, soon after her education she got married. For most girls of Kanpur, life during marriage was about nurturing the family and taking care of her family, but Anjana’s restlessness, creativity and optimistic attitude made her move out of the city which didn’t have much to offer. After moving out of Kanpur, Anjana’s love for fashion was seen while she designed clothes for her two little girls where she discovered her passion for designing and embellishing garments. Anjana Misra perused a course in fashion designing and management in New Delhi, decided to join fashion studios and export houses to learn more about the fashion industry. Here she began her journey from where there was no turning back. At earlier stage rather than pursuing design field Anjana used her skills and applied this design precision to the line and construction of fashion. Anjana Misra, in partnership with Rakesh Sharma started their own export business and started working for designers and top brands of Europe. Her love for innovation and artistic garments is what motivated her to step forward and join the fashion scene. After working for 12 years overseas, she decided to launch her own Couture Fashion Label along with export export business globally in menswear and womenswear. Her expertise to innovate patterns, textile art and embellishments are what defines the DNA of the fashion Label started in 2015. Anjana Misra brand will be known for its strong codes, romanticism, embellishments and feminine touch. Design was what she has always loved and is now investing herself to.